D.A., Merrow – My son had 4 sessions with Taryn and the change in him has been incredible. It has made our family life feel normal again. My boy is back to his happy, carefree self, and there is no better feeling in the world! Thank you Taryn

Lyn, Guildford – I wasn’t sure what to expect from this therapy, but seeing the change in my son has been amazing. He went from clinging to me every time we left the house, to being able (and willing) to go off to the park with his friends and not worry that something bad was going to happen to me. It really is incredible to see how the strategies he learnt have helped him.

Emily, Woking – I can’t believe how few sessions it took for my daughter to get over her school anxiety. We went from fighting every morning, to having a happy child again! Taryn’s approach to working with her and getting her to open up was really great.

M.T., Godalming – Thanks Taryn for helping my son with his anger issues. We are all better equipped to spot the triggers and intervene before it gets out of hand. And he feels so much better about himself now that he understands where this big feeling inside of him comes from.

Andrea, Guildford – Taryn was amazing helping with my daughter’s anxiety. She was so quick to meet with us and listen to her story. Taryn’s kind, gentle approach made it easy to connect with B* so that she could start unpacking her challenges. Taryn’s counselling gave B* tools to use in her daily routine so that she could face doing the activities that brought joy back into her life. I can’t thank Taryn enough!

J.S., Woking – My mom took me to see Taryn to help me with GCSE Exam Stress. Taryn was easy to talk to and she gave me easy to follow steps to use when I get nervous and feel stressed. I can now recognise my triggers and have clever tricks to use to avoid getting anxious and stay focused.

S.B., Leatherhead – As a mom, I was completely overwhelmed and needed help. Taryn was recommended and her friendly & caring sessions was just what I needed to resolve my emotional overload.