NLP Therapy for Children and Parents

Neuro-linguistic Programming is therapy that focuses on each person’s unique map of the world and how this unique way of interpreting the world can contribute to the challenges they have. We all learn and adapt the way we think about things, depending on our experiences in the outside world.
Sometimes these experiences are positive and leave us with good memories and feelings, and sometimes they are not.
What happens when we have a negative experience, is that our brains store that information and if it was bad enough, our unconscious takes special note of that and tries to protect us in the future. This can cause us to learn unhelpful patterns of behaviour, that land up limiting us.
I am based in Guildford and offer therapy and coaching to children, teenagers and adults, to help overcome the challenges you face. Using NLP strategies, we break the unhelpful patterns and behaviours that have been learnt, and help you move forward with a more positive frame of mind.

My main areas of work are helping with emotional challenges, school related issues and fears and phobias:

Emotional challenges – Emotional regulation is one of the biggest challenges children can face. There are a number of specific challenges falling into this category, including anxiety, anger management, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and depression. Identifying the feeling behind the behaviour can help us to understand what we need to do to change.

School issues – Our children spend a large part of their lives at school and for some this is not always a happy time. As parents, we want to help our children grow and develop as best they can. Common issues that arise around school, are school refusal, transition to a new school, coping with exam stress, bullying and learning challenges. NLP strategies allow us to find the reason behind these challenges and find suitable solutions.

Fears and phobias – Fitting in is one of the biggest challenges children can face and social anxiety is often at the root of many other issues. What may seem like a silly fear to some of us, may be a serious issue for your child. Sometimes our unconsious has far more control over our response to things than we like! When these fears are stopping our children from having happy, fulfilling childhoods, we need to help them learn to manage these feelings.

NLP is a solution-focussed therapy that helps people change the way they see and feel about their fears and challenges. Sometimes all it takes is a different point of view.

To find out more about what I do, please either give me a call to chat or drop me an email to schedule time for a consultation.